Demand for video conferencing increased ten fold


Companies have had a short space of time to fully equip staff and adjust to working from home.

Laptops, headsets and cameras have all been in high demand. Video conferencing services are all recording their highest number of users ever. Our IT teams have been firefighting support calls and helping staff to get properly set up.

Increase in demand

Demand for video conferencing usage has increased 600%+. We’ve shifted our use of bandwidth from the office out to the home. Systems and services are all beginning to creak at the seams. The technology providers have experienced a huge spike in usage and are struggling to cope with a demand they were unprepared for; Zoom, Teams, mobile networks and bandwith providers are all reporting outages and quality issues. But on the plus side, they are all working hard and fast to rectify any issues.

The future

From the future perspective – it’s changing the way we are living and working! We know our younger generations are already great with technology but the switch from social interaction to technology is now more than ever our reality; skype and facetime with friends and grandparents is part of everyday life.

The future will be very different. We have changed our behaviour forever. Video conferencing is here now and usage will not return to what it was pre- Coronavirus.

Our industry is learning every day and has learned so much in the last few weeks. Video will be better, easier and more prevalent than ever before be it from home office, work office, meeting rooms, huddle rooms or even the open space. Video brings efficiency, video brings immediacy and video delivers productivity – do not miss the video conferencing boat.

This time we were unprepared but next time we will be ready!

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