Life in lockdown

Working from home

Business as un-usual!

Bear with us, we’re getting used to this new way of working!

It’s certainly a different way of working that we’re all becoming accustomed to. The challenges are different, but we’re continuing to work all the same. Working at the kitchen table with our partners, kids & pets alongside us.

We’re having to field continuous parental requests and put up with lego rockets flying round our heads on video calls whilst simultaneously balancing our workload. Kids are sitting on laps in video conference calls, bubble machines are on in the corner of the room entertaining the little ones, my lounge was even turned into a dance studio this afternoon but with a great quality headset I was still able to hold a video conference call at the desk in the corner of the room with participants unaware of the chaos taking place around me!

So, how are we surviving?

Here are some of our tips for keeping your teams working together/productive.

Daily team video meetings

Everything is fluid, things are changing daily. We schedule daily team video meetings. These are great for focusing everyone on the tasks for the day, discussing any issues and keeping everyone up to speed. Great for morale too!

Preferred methods of communication

Move to the cloud – QUICKLY.

Set some preferred communication methods/tool to avoid multiple channels and things being missed. We use:

  • StarLeaf for team video meetings and external video calls and audio calls.
  • Teams for company/team chat and one-to-one video
  • OneNote for team work
  • SharePoint for corporate documents

Study your processes and change if needed

Not everything can be done the same way as you do it from the office. If it isn’t fit for purpose – change it – it probably will be for the better.

Get out for a break

It is so easy to sit down first thing, then lift your head at the end of day wondering where the day went. Exercise, fresh air and a distraction will deliver you fresh for the afternoon challenges.

Keep in touch

Not just business meetings but social with your colleagues. You do it in the office so why not from home.

Share the successes

It can be lonely, it can be challenging and it can also be depressing. So, when good things happen, don’t forget to share it – Video Conferencing is not just for MEETINGS!!

Take time to adjust!

Above all else, be kind to yourselves. Make sure you take time to look after number one. Life in lockdown is new to us all, we’re all in the same situation and we’re all in the process of adjusting to a new way of working.

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