Zoom security under the spotlight again

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Zoom are constantly in the news and under the spotlight with fears over the security of their Video Conferencing service. 

They have experienced a massive increase in users during this period, with everyone from big corporates to small one man bands, fitness instructors, clubs and schools all signing up. 


Over the last week we’ve seen numerous news reports questioning the security of their service.  

Despite reassurances from Zoom on how they plan to put things right, people in the Video Conferencing industry believe that the issues are fundamental to how Zoom’s service was built and put together from the start, perhaps things that are not easily fixed or put right.

Most recently Zoom has been banned by Taiwan’s government over security fears – see the news article here

We’re reading articles that researchers are discovering thousands of private Zoom recordings online – see the news article here 

All things that you need to be aware of if security is of importance to your organisation and the way that you operate! 

Zoom was perhaps a great, quick response to getting staff working from home but has it been the best choice where security is concerned? 

If anything, the spotlight on Zoom’s security issues gives us the chance to evaluate the risks and if we’re still left with concerns to evaluate the alternatives. 

We’ve had to react quickly this time but next time we can be more prepared! 

Video Conferencing Security

Top Tips for Evaluating your Video Conferencing Security

Our tips for what to look for in a secure video conferencing provider: 

If you have any concerns over the security of your video conferencing service or if data security is of utmost importance to your organisation, then these are the things that you should be checking or asking your provider about. 

  1. Be absolutely sure that you can trust them with your data 
  2. Do they have security measures and certifications, such as ISO27001
  3. Are there any guarantees that your data remains under your control and in your own territory 
  4. Ensure that your data will be processed according to the data protection regulations in your jurisdiction (for example, the GDPR regulations)

We know of only one video conferencing provider in the industry who can guarantee all of the above & give you total video conferencing security guarantee – StarLeaf. 

Find out more about StarLeaf’s security measures.

Total security together with unequalled reliability offering a 99.999% uptime guarantee and total platform ownership, makes StarLeaf a very robust and secure option for your video conferencing. 

Oh, and did we forget to mention that StarLeaf is a British company whose platform is wholly owned and managed by themselves, is developed in the UK only and was built as a secure platform from the start, not as an afterthought. Does that sound like an ISO27001 certified company you can trust?

Get in touch, our experienced team would be happy to answer any questions you have about Video Conferencing security and your options.

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