The story of security and data protection

I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff!

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. You know the story, right? Each little pig thought he knew best how to build a house where he’d be secure and protected from the wolf. Well only one of them was right……

From the moment we are born security & protection is critical to our survival. Our parents know that, instinctively. A parent would do anything to protect their children of course and it is a difficult day that we entrust our children’s security & protection to someone else – our first day at school. Throughout our lives, this stays with us. Whatever we do and wherever we go, our security & protection is always at the forefront of our minds.


The global Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives, forever, I think. We are doing everything we need to stay safe, secure & protected from this virus and hopefully we are starting to see the good results of this strategy. Remote working has become the NEW NORMAL and even after this horrible disease has paled into history, our working culture will not return to where it was before.

This is important to understand and this new normal presents a challenge to businesses. How will it protect its data, its communications and its infrastructure from the modern-day wolves?

It was all okay in the olden days, when operating from the fortress of HQ. Firewalls were in place, restrictions placed on internet usage and when it came to technologies like Video Conferencing, well it was ISDN based and that’s secure, isn’t it?

working from home

But the modern way of working today is with freedom. Freedom of access (to the internet), to corporate data, freedom to communicate. Moving to the cloud was a painful experience, but almost everything is there now……music, movies, photos, TV, software, telephony, video conferencing, DATA!

Moving out of your secure & protected environment is about trust. You have trust in the processes you have put in place. You have trust in your employees that they will work hard whether at the office or at home. You have trust in your suppliers that the products and services they have sold you deliver on the needs of the business, providing the security & protection expected in this modern, cloud-based, world.

This is all worth checking again and change it if it isn’t fit for purpose.

Ohhh and back to our story.

Each little pig employed a different strategy to securing & protecting themselves. The first went for straw, very cheap & easy, it didn’t last long.

The second opted for sticks, very popular. This worked a little better, it even looked good but had underlying weaknesses.

The third little pig (he was smart), went for bricks and mortar – strong foundations, robust and long lasting with security & protection at its core!!

AuDeo & StarLeaf – your secure choice for video conferencing!


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