Disaster Planning for the Future

Disaster planning

7 things we’ve learnt about disaster planning for the future

The scientists are telling us that we should plan for more global pandemics in the future and that COVID-19 certainly isn’t the last we will see.

What have we learnt so far?

We’re a pretty resilient lot. We’ve been put to the test and risen to the challenge. Most of us have been able to work from home with very little notice and probably not with the best equipment or set up that we could have had. Yes, business slowed down a little while we set ourselves up and found new or different ways of working but we’ve managed it.

Business models have been changing all around us in real time, the innovation we’ve seen is amazing.

What do we need to do for the future?

  1. Develop a Cloud first strategy so that all data is accessible from anywhere at anytime.
  2. Laptops are more versatile than desktops.
  3. Have a working from home strategy – not all the employees and not all the time. Social interaction is important to develop the culture of a business and a feeling of belonging.
  4. Tool up – Video Conferencing usage has rocketed but people weren’t prepared, trained or ready. Invest now in this technology and use it every day so that it becomes second nature.
  5. Change your business processes. Some things can’t be done the same way remotely, so improve the process and relieve the change fatigue if working from home needs to happen again.
  6. Improve communications – us humans love to talk, but our body language often does the talking too. So, increase communications & remember that communication is the responsibility of the SENDER not the RECEIVER. Saying “I told you” or “I sent you an email/message” won’t cut it. Check that communication has been received.
  7. Be more vigilant on employee’s wellbeing. Remote working can be lonely, it can also be an excuse. Good people can be left to work, others need to be moved. This all goes back to employment. Employ attitude first & qualifications second.

Next time we will be better equipped & better prepared!

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