Why most businesses would choose StarLeaf

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Use StarLeaf not only because you should but because your users will want to, it’s just nicer and its British!

Right now, there is a plethora of choice when it comes to Video Conferencing Apps. The need for remote working has driven demand and many, in haste, have perhaps chosen a solution which, longer term, may not be suitable for their business.

In normal situations, there would be an evaluation of a short-list of platforms and if this was the case, it is more than likely that StarLeaf would come out on top.


Security & Reliability

Top of the list are Security and reliability. These are two very good and important reasons why business and organisations SHOULD use StarLeaf as their video and messaging platform of choice. StarLeaf’s 99.999% SLA & ISO27001 Certification supports this.

Superior user experience

The joining experience for guests is quick and easy and doesn’t require you to even share your email address. This makes for a speedy & efficient roll out for meetings.

No Usage Time Limits

Deciding without trying is a tough call, so when you do decide to go ahead with a trial of StarLeaf for your company or organisation, it’s not time limited, use as you would expect to in normal circumstances. There is a quick trial version with limits too, available for any type of user, but if you’re already engaged with AuDeo/StarLeaf a more appropriate trial is available to you.

A Free Basic App

Only when and if you need paid for functions and services do you need to pay anything at all.

Organisation Licences

Licences that are not tied to a specific person but to the business or organization so justification is shared and easy, a business-friendly model, not designed as a social app or with individual pricing. This allows costs to be controlled by the business & not by the individual user.

Meeting Room Appliances

You want to upgrade to include meeting room appliances? StarLeaf systems are not only tightly integrated with the service, but every component was designed for it and is fully supportable to every component.

Superior Support

This is often the test whether you have a business grade product/service or consumer grade. You need to know why something didn’t work the way it should, with StarLeaf, you can call or email a real person for support and if it’s a room integration, they know the room and all the kit in it.

Easy Management Tools

You need easy management tools to check on usage and generate reports and of course manage users. It’s all there! AuDeo’s fAVeo portal greatly enhances the management & reporting of your StarLeaf deployment too.

Best Integration

You want to integrate with your business apps such as Google, Slack, Office 365 and even Teams to get the best out of all. With StarLeaf you can!

Corporate Branding

You want to include you own business look & feel with logos etc. You can!

A Truly Reliable Mobile Experience

You need an app that works virtually anywhere without the need to manage firewalls or getting blocked in cafes and hotels etc. StarLeaf does!


Choose StarLeaf

These are some of the very reasons that businesses choose StarLeaf over and above other video conferencing and collaboration tools.

Get in touch with us, we are here to help. We’ve been working with StarLeaf as our chosen Video Conferencing and collaboration partner since 2014. We truly believe they offer the most reliable, secure and cost-effective solution in the industry, and the very reasons above are why our clients choose and continue to use StarLeaf.

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