RISE from the COVID-19 crisis with AuDeo & StarLeaf

Future of meeting rooms

StarLeaf Cloud Video Conferencing = Reliable, Intuitively simple, Secure & Enterprise grade

By now everyone working remotely will have arranged tools & services to communicate and interact with their colleagues, customers & suppliers. No doubt Video Conferencing was likely to be first on this list to achieve one to one & one to many meetings. 

Reviewing your decisions

However, with more time on your hands, you may have chosen an alternative VC vendor or maybe, in light of current intelligence, you may wish to review decisions once you are out of lockdown. 

Further, your Meeting Space technology may also need reviewing. How did it perform during lockdown, was it easy to use, did it function as expected and was it fit for collaborating with remote workers? 

Post lockdown considerations

Whatever your intended action is post lockdown, it is worth considering StarLeaf Cloud Conferencing. A British vendor with 100s of years of experience in this market, StarLeaf is at the forefront of global Cloud Video Conferencing technology for enterprise businesses and AuDeo is proud to be its leading Partner in the UK. 

So why do we urge you to look at StarLeaf? 

Reliable, Intuitively simple, Secure & Enterprise grade

  • If you are concerned about security & reliability – look at StarLeaf
  • If you want something easy to use – look at StarLeaf 
  • If you want a vendor controlling its own platform – look at StarLeaf 
  • If you wish to protect your data and keep it local – look at StarLeaf 
  • If you wish to manage, monitor and measure your VC usage – AuDeo’s fAVeo portal for StarLeaf is unique! 
fAVeo concurrent license report


#1 for reliability

StarLeaf manages and operates its own platform with multiple global points of presence and provides a unique 99.999% uptime guarantee.

99.999% is equivalent to 5 minutes per year. Compare that to services with a 99.9% SLA which equates to 7.5 hours. 

Intuitively simple


Consistent, intuitive interface, which simplifies the user experience. Anybody can use StarLeaf, on any device, and be assured that it will work every time. 


#1 for security 

StarLeaf offers superior security. With ISO/IEC 27001 certification customers can be absolutely sure they can rely on the service and trust StarLeaf with their data. 

Future of meeting rooms

Enterprise grade


A reliable, secure and scalable collaboration tool built specifically for business. Options for every size of space, and the ability to communicate instantly with anyone within or beyond your organization. 

Some of the most security conscious businesses around the world have chosen StarLeaf to futureproof their communications and empower their employees to collaborate efficiently and securely.

AuDeo is all about meetings

AuDeo Recommendations

AuDeo is all about meetings and has always chosen its recommended products & solutions based on a number of aspects. 

With the wisdom and knowledge of experience, prepare your business for the future way of working. From huddle spaces to fully controlled meeting rooms, it is important to ensure that meetings take place easily, fully functionally, securely, reliably and with positive & correct outcomes driving business productivity.  

AuDeo prides itself on listening to its customers and delivering a design that meets the brief & expectations, tailored to suit. 

Take a look at our meeting room solutions

Get in touch with us to find out how your business could rise to the top with StarLeaf .

RISE with AuDeo & StarLeaf!

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