The only real constant is change

New Normal


For years CHANGE has been the most difficult thing to implement in businesses & organisations. Challenging the norm with something new, different or opposing to the culture has always presented barriers from those resistant to change voicing phrases such as: 

“We’ve always done it this way!” 

“The users won’t like that!” 

“They are suffering from change fatigue!” 

“Nobody is asking me for that!” 

Since COVID-19, however, we have proved that people can change when needed, required or forced and without too much fuss! 

The new normal

So, what is the NEW NORMAL that people are talking about? I don’t believe it is working the way we’ve been forced to. The NEW normal will evolve as people, employees and users find the best way to do things, accepting what’s ‘different’, challenging the ‘existing’ and having a hunger for the ‘NEW’. 

We need to get ready to listen to those who are having to move out of their comfort zone into a place much more uncomfortable – these are the people who will establish the NEW normal. But it isn’t clear where that’s going to be, other than the facts it will entail working more flexibly, more often remotely, and with a great deal of technology-based tools to achieve it. 

Let’s not forget though that we are herding animals and love company, social interaction and physical closeness – to deny us these primal instincts and desires will only negatively affect our mental health and our company culture too. Any new way of working needs to be respectful to this. 

At AuDeo, like every other business, we are getting used to working & behaving differently, using the technology and finding out what works well and what doesn’t, what tools we love or hate and making changes to our processes to improve productivity, efficiency and profitability. 

Let us journey together to the NEW NORMAL

We are all about meetings, designing rooms, spaces and activities with today’s wonderful A/V & UC technology – get in touch let us journey together to the NEW NORMAL, wherever that may be… of course, until it changes again. 

We Are Bringing People Together. 
We Are AuDeo. 

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