Business Continuity – Cloud First Strategy

The only way is UP!!

Hybrid Workforce? – Cloud First Strategy!

It’s a story that Hollywood movies are made of……10 weeks in lockdown, most people working remotely, a global virus with no cure, bars & restaurants closed and no live sport!!!

The only thing missing is a hero – or maybe, in the business world there is one.


Considering the speed that COVID-19 affected our personal & business lives, I think the world has coped remarkably well. But if everything was switched back on tomorrow, are our resources, processes, technology and set-ups capable? This is why a Cloud First Strategy is essential for today’s modern business.

Imagine if this crisis had been a decade ago, life and remote working would have been a very different challenge. But today’s technology has made the WFH transition almost seamless, save for the emotional and mental health impact, of course.

So, let’s have a look at what our hero “the Cloud” can do for us!


Email, Office software Apps, Telephony, files(own & shared), Video Conferencing , Webinars, CRM, Quoting, Financial Software, Virus Protection, Room Booking, Project Management Apps – it’s not just a hero but a SUPER HERO!!!!

No task too small, no challenge too big…..just give your Cloud plenty of bandwidth and they will blast through your jobs at the speed of light.

And when you need a break from work you can always listen to music, play a game, go shopping or just window browse, chat with friends or watch a TV show or movie all delivered by our SUPER HERO.


Planning for your new HYBRID workforce way of working

The Cloud is the undisputed champion for communications, and, as we have found, good COMMUNICATIONS are the strong foundations of a successful business and it is always worth remembering that communications is the responsibility of the sender NOT the receiver – so invest wisely!!!!

AuDeo is all about meetings and meetings are all about communications. We specialise in delivering environments where great meetings take place with the right outcomes and with equipment that is exciting and easy to use. I once noted that a banana has 60% of its DNA identical to humans, but you wouldn’t expect a banana to do what a person does……so choose your communications vendors who can deliver ALL of what you need.

As you are well aware there are a multitude of cloud vendors and platforms out there for every task or communication method you choose to use. AuDeo works with many of them.

We will work with you to recommend a cloud solution first and foremost, always with security at its core, that is functional, reliable, most suitable to your needs and within your available budget.

AuDeo Recommendations

Designing & planning to have a dispersed workforce in businesses is already high on the agenda and as business returns fully, we will not want to be caught ill-prepared again. Business continuity will be a key requirement and having a Cloud First Strategy will ensure your business can react quickly, seamlessly & successfully.

Get in touch with us to discuss any aspect of your cloud communications or to review your existing solutions.

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