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Planning our return to work

Businesses are starting to prepare and plan for a return to the office. But some experts are saying that we may need to socially distance for up to two years. It’s beginning to feel like a return to the workplace may never happen.

When planning to return to the office employers have a responsibility to meet the government guidelines being set and employees also need to feel safe and confident in returning.

Many challenges to overcome

There are many challenges for organisations around social distancing, staggered start times, managing the flow of people around the building, how desks and meeting rooms are organised, managing occupancy, avoiding the sharing of equipment and regular cleansing.

Solving the challenges

How will organisations confidently ensure safety and social distancing recommendations are met?  

Innovative technology can support a safe return to work and provide a flexible platform for the future.

Take the GoBright space management system.  With it, you can control the number of people coming into the workplace, restrict access to certain areas and ensure that desks are clean and spread out.

GoBright Visitor Management

Managing visitors

Visitors can pre-register in advance and QR codes can be used to sign in and out. Once in the building, visitors can follow the wayfinding function, reducing the chance of guests taking a wrong turn.

GoBright Desk Management

Desk & meeting room management

Employees can pre-book a desk or meeting space before leaving home. You can decide how many desks to make ‘unbookable’, ensuring that staff are not seated face to face or within 2m of each other. 

Unsuitable meeting spaces and communal areas can be closed off. Larger meeting rooms can have their capacities reduced allowing chairs to be spaced out at safe distances. And people can be counted in and out of the meeting rooms, with alerts if the maximum capacity is exceeded. Room booking can be handled via an app and check-in and room release automation can be carried out via sensor-based detection.

GoBright Desk Cleaning Management

Co-ordinating cleaning

Once a room or desk has been vacated, the system can send an alert to the cleaning team, meaning the space can be quickly sanitised before being made available again. 

Using technology to meet safely

The GoBright system is perfectly designed to ensure that organisations are complying with all the government guidance on keeping their employees safe.

Whilst we may not be able to meet like we used to, we can meet safely with the use of carefully chosen technologies.  Select the technologies carefully and they will not only deliver solutions to short term challenges but also provide flexible working practices for your longer term workspace strategy.

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