Now we’re all experienced Video Conferencing users

What's next?

We’ve all been using Video!

Whilst working from home we’ve all been using video conferencing, whether it be teams, zoom, StarLeaf or other platforms and services. Up until now we’ve been mainly using this to keep in touch with our colleagues. 

Most of us have gone from maybe using video conferencing a little or using it in our meeting rooms to full time use working from home. 

Quite a jump!  

You could say that we’ve been forced to test our technology infrastructure to the extreme. 

Quality & Consistency 

We know that we are likely to be working in this way for a lot longer or permanently if we so choose. We now have a better understanding of what we like and don’t like, what works and what doesn’t and users are quite rightly asking for better; better equipment, better quality maybe even crying out for some consistency in the apps that they are using. 


With so many users and maybe additional subscriptions needing to be added, maybe cost has become a limiting factor and you’ve had to standardize on certain apps or limit users. 

The Challenges Yet to Come 

Alongside reviewing things like quality, security and ease of use what other challenges are you facing with your technology? Maybe we won’t start to see some of those challenges until our colleagues start returning to the office?  

What’s next? 

As the economy starts to open back up again, we need to kick start all of those projects and meetings that we’ve perhaps put on hold, but we still need to work from home where we can, limit our travel and keep our distance too.  

If any the above resonate with you, then AuDeo can help. We have 20 years’ experience in designing technology into meeting spaces and our approach is appreciated by many customers. 

We listen first! Listen to your needs, your desires, must haves, your timescale & your potential budget. We will tailor our design to suit all of these parameters with the focus on delivering productive meetings with successful outcomes. Get in touch to speak with us today.

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