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Secure Communications?

One app that does everything you need is also the ideal of the hacker!

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – We all say it, we all know what it means, but do we all believe it and follow its advice? 

This idiom is derived from an old proverb, Spanish or Italian, and found in print in the 17th century. It also appears in Don Quixote written in 1615, so it’s been around a long time, but does it still hold true? 

Today’s modern IT world is full of choice. Never has there been so many great performing apps, software packages, appliances, computers and screens at such unbelievable prices. And all of the vendors are vying for your attention, your confidence and ultimately, your investment.  

But sometimes it’s easier just to go with one thing or two. It’s an ideal to find that application, that product that does everything you need and this is also the ideal of the hacker. 

The fewer the barriers, the easier it is to get inside. There are many companies literally under threat and blackmail to release their IT systems because they were hacked. A symptom of these businesses is often their total commitment to one or two vendors in the IT space. 

For example, if Microsoft is your thing and you’re ALL IN, then you are potentially vulnerable. If your O365 is shut down, everything is….. 

Many years ago, as PCs were really beginning to take off, many experts predicted we would have one device in the house that would control our electronic lives – the PC. They believed the PC could do everything from internet, graphics, video, email, telephony & music through to TV and control of your house appliances. Of course, it is true, a PC can do all these things, but looking around my own house, I still have a plethora of other devices to do many of these things & NOT just my laptop. I also still use a dedicated calculator to do just that, calculate. It is easier to use than all the other devices that also have “calculator” abilities, so the need of the specialist remains. 

So, perhaps yes, this idiom still rings true – all my eggs in one basket means I am vulnerable. We get what this feels like when we have a power cut, or gas is cut off, or water is stopped. We’ve come to wholly rely on these essential services and don’t think about having a generator in the back garden, just in case, or a tank of fresh running water or spare fuel for cooking & heating. But we know the feeling of vulnerability when it does go wrong. 

If secure communications is important to your business, then AuDeo can help. We have 20 years’ experience in designing secure communications technology and our approach is appreciated by many customers. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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