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What to do with your telephony?

Cloud Telephony

Join Joel, our Sales Executive, and Ian, our Technical Director, for a short, informal and informative guide on the things you should consider when choosing your cloud communications platform.

No-one could have forecast the shift in working habits and the infrastructure changes that we have seen recently.

Our sudden change in working practices has highlighted any issues with our existing communications and collaboration tools. A lot of phone systems weren’t ready for the shift to a dispersed workforce.

6 Key areas to consider when choosing your Cloud Telephony solution:

1 – Flexibility

We’ve proven over the last few months that we need to be able to use any mode of communication on any device, any channel, anywhere.

2 – Integrations

Utilise the opportunity to tie your communications platform with other business processes.

3 – Contact Centres

Much more than just a traditional call centre, contact centres cover all communications into and out of a business, including social media.

4 – Support

It is much easier to provide good support with Cloud solutions.

5 – Total cost of ownership

Consider all consultancy, support, integration and deployment costs upfront so that you can make an informed decision. Consider your growth and your business needs. Make the right decision for your business, not just the easy decision.

6 – Security

A necessity for any platform!

No longer just a PBX

Telephony systems are no longer just a pbx for calls into and out of a business but should be considered as an integral part of your collaboration solution.

We’re here to help

Whatever your future looks like please do get in touch with us, we’re here to help. We have 2 main providers we work closely with to provide a full range of cloud telephony solutions designed to work the way you do. We can also provide meeting room systems for whatever platform you ultimately choose.

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