PC Connected Rooms for Video Conferencing

PC Connected Rooms

A mix of apps

In our personal lives, most of us own a ‘smart phone’ and on that most of us have a mix of social and messaging apps: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-In, Facetime, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts / Duo and so on. 

I use different apps with different circles – work, family, friends, hobby related. This also allows me to give attention to or even ignore specific groups at certain times! 

If that’s how we like to behave, well some of us anyway, then trying to force work colleagues to use just one may prove difficult. 

The challenge to create a professional experience

Our challenge is to create a professional experience in a meeting room or workspace that allows users to use whatever VC platform they or their meeting organiser chooses – and that may not be within their control. YES, there are advantages to having a dedicated and tightly integrated appliance and there is certainly a place for these.  


The PC connected room may be an option 

  • Why have a dedicated room / device or appliance when you can have a high-quality experience with a more generic one? 
  • Why should you buy a new camera and audio system just because you want to use a different service platform? 

USB is the way forward and one vendor that has recognised this challenge tremendously well is Poly. With their roots in audio and video systems, Poly has brought their expertise to bear in the guise of the Studio range. 


Studio USB 

Connect your laptop and give it the best audio capability possible with unrivalled audio fencing and noise blocking technology; then throw in face recognition with AI tech built into the camera itself and you have the ability to track and frame groups, faces or conversations automatically so you can concentrate on the meeting not the technology. 

Poly Studio & Microsoft Teams

Studio X Series 

Your users don’t have laptops to bring to the meeting room or just don’t want to? No problem. X Series provides a platform for a number of VC apps to allow it to operate as an in-room appliance. This brings you the benefits of an appliance (no PC involved) running your company’s preferred VC apps but with the ability to connect a Laptop to allow you to join that meeting you have been invited to that isn’t on the usual list. Same experiences and performance but more flexible (*note that this capability is dependent on the host app in use, as some apps disable this feature!).

This is ideal for small to mid-sized rooms, around 5m from camera.

Poly Studio X Series

Poly G7500

Need a larger room? Consider the Poly G7500 which supports peripheral components for the largest of meeting rooms and is build on the same underlying operating system as the X Series. 

Run your preferred platform app but facilitate laptops to use the room devices for any meeting from your laptop.

Need to know more? Get in touch with AuDeo and we can help you select the best technology to meet your needs. 

Create rooms that your users WANT to use!

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