2nd Lockdown

Working from home

Back to working from home

So, here we are again. Back to working from home, back to our regular video conference calls, back to our familiar makeshift home offices! 

Before March this year many companies hadn’t embraced home working and very quickly had to find a solution. Many started using personal apps or whatever solution could be rolled out in the shortest time. 

Did we learn anything from the last time?

But did we learn anything from the first time around? In the world of business we certainly hope so! 

One thing is for sure – the ability to carry on working no matter where you are is vital to the success of our businesses and our economy. This is here for the long term, remote working and video calls are definitely here to stay. 

We’ve got this!


We all know the problems we experienced the first time, so this time around we’ve got this haven’t we guys! 

  • All systems in place? 
  • All the issues ironed out? 
  • One consistent, reliable and secure communications & collaboration platform? 

So, it really doesn’t matter whether we are socially distancing in the office or working from our kitchen table, we’ve all got access to the tools we need, right? 

No compromises?

Providing employees, customers, partners and suppliers with consistent communications platforms amidst the constant change is a challenge.  

All businesses are looking at their current solutions and evaluating whether it’s the right fit for them, whether it does everything they need it to both now and for the long term. 

With so many options and new solutions/platforms coming onto the marketing how do you know if you’ve chosen the best solution and whether it’s still the best solution now? 

  • Secure? 
  • Reliable? 
  • Easy to use from any device, anywhere? 
  • Flexible enough to work with your existing tools? 
  • Cost effective, with no additional or hidden costs? 
  • High quality, professional help and advice from a dedicated support team? 

Take a look at how you’re working and make sure you’re not making any compromises! Get in touch with us if you would like help with your communications & collaboration. We’ve been helping companies meet and collaborate better for over 20 years.  

Video Conferencing & Security when working from home

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