Extend Microsoft Teams to your Meeting Rooms

Microsoft Teams in meeting rooms

Easily and effectively extend the capabilities of Microsoft Teams.

Discover how to integrate Microsoft Teams & other video applications into your meeting rooms.

You may already be using Microsoft Teams to support your homeworkers with video or maybe you are just starting out on your journey with Microsoft Teams, but you want to explore how you can use Microsoft Teams in your meeting rooms. You want to equip your meeting rooms to complete the deployment and provide one collaboration platform across your organisation.

So, how do you video enable your meeting spaces and get Microsoft Teams working in your meeting rooms?

There are lots of options available from different vendors. We know there isn’t one answer that fits all, so we’re here to help you find the perfect solution for your business.

Take a look at our quick introduction to the three flavours of Microsoft Teams in meeting rooms currently available today.

Key to success

The key thing for a successful uptake is to keep things simple and try to video enable all your meeting spaces. There is no point spending thousands on the boardroom that gets used once a month, you need a solution that is available when people need it, whenever they need it, regardless of room types, size or location.

We’re here to help

AuDeo can work with you to provide and install the appropriate combination of any of these products into your meeting rooms. By using quality products and best practices AuDeo aim to achieve a pleasant and productive meeting experience. Contact us to find out more.

Book a discovery call with us to discuss your options.

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