Teams? Zoom? Webex? Speak to them all!

StarLeaf Poly Multijoin

Anyone, anywhere, any video platform

Through all the disruptions of the last few months, there’s been an explosion in video conferencing usage, but also in the number of platforms you and your people come across. This might not be an issue when you join from a laptop, but it’s a serious difficulty when you’re back in your meeting rooms. 

How do you get all of the Video Conferencing and Video Collaboration tools you’ve been using from home, working in your meeting rooms?

Your contacts might be using Zoom, Teams, Cisco, or many others – but how easy is it to join these meetings from your room systems? 

StarLeaf and Poly: take the hassle out of interoperability

StarLeaf Room for Poly is here to help. It brings you secure, reliable and simple StarLeaf meetings on the latest Poly meeting room systems. You’ll get all the features of the secure and reliable StarLeaf platform, like StarLeaf MultiJoin, which allows you to join any meeting, on any platform, with one touch and no complex codes to type in.  

Get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more, we’d be happy to help.

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