Standards stifle innovation!


After more than 20 years of trying to preach the values of Video Conferencing, the job was finally completed by a tiny, yet dangerous, virus called COVID-19. You will struggle to find a Business today who doesn’t have a Video Conferencing strategy. 

Proprietary or standards-based

What’s equally staggering is the market share being enjoyed by the “proprietary” software that does not naturally work with any other product. Standards-based products are now in the minority. 

In the past the industry’s goal was to create standards that allowed all who adhered to be able to call each other, just like the plain old telephone system that still exists today. No matter what phone device or medium (land line, mobile or IP) anyone can call anyone if they have the number.  

But it’s also true that standards stifle the innovation of vendors. Calling via your telephone has always been number based and when we ran out of numbers, we just increased the digits – surely there is a better way? Perhaps, but any change would need to take place on a global basis OR the need for gateways would increase as a translation from one to another – hmm, sounds familiar. 

In the video conference industry, the standards’ shackles are off and this has encouraged vendors to be creative with their designs, their user interfaces, their dialling methods, their features and their hosting – all at the cost of interoperability. 

Choosing a proprietary vendor

So, whether you choose TEAMS or ZOOM or any other proprietary vendor that naturally isn’t designed to work with any other vendor’s product, then you’re going to need to make some choices.  

  • Does this matter to your business? 
  • Do you have a mixed fleet of solutions? 
  • Do you procure gateway products or services? 
  • Do you try to stay standards based? 
  • What options should you have at your desktop? 
  • What do you do in the meeting room? 

Evolving fast

The market is evolving and products are changing, almost weekly. There is a lot of innovation taking place and it is incredibly difficult to put your video conferencing stake in the ground to go with one vendor right now – best advice is to perhaps “wait and see” or limit investment. 

Have patience as the future is still a little unknown, just be really pleased you didn’t fully invest in Skype for Business Room Systems…… 

If you want to find out what your options are or how your Video Conferencing vendor stacks up against others get in touch with the team at AuDeo.

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