Smart Technology for a well thought out return to the office

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Planning your return to the office?

Have you been planning your return to the office? Completing risk assessments, drawing up plans and procedures taking into account the safety of your employees with social distancing, extra hygiene measures and reduced numbers of people in the office.

Smart Technology Solutions can help you return to the office safely

Smart Office Solutions can help provide a safe return to the office.  With Desk Booking software and Room Booking software, you can easily reduce the capacity per room or floor and limit the number of people in your building.

Employees can book their workplace or meeting room in advance, so that you as an employer know exactly how many people are going to be in the office.

You get direct insight into the free spaces, the occupied spaces and the spaces that need to be cleaned and you now know what the busiest days of the week or the busiest hours in a day are.

You can advise teams to come to work at a different time or scale up the cleaning services on specific days.

All of this is possible via a portal or mobile app that is accessible to everyone from anywhere.

Employees know where they stand and can have confidence in returning to a safe environment. You can use the data to monitor and adjust where necessary.

Be flexible & make the most of office space

The need to be able to collaborate, be flexible and get the most out of your office space, is of course not a new concept. It is something that all businesses strive to achieve. The use of Desk Booking and Room Booking software has many advantages and we are more than happy to show you what it can mean for your company.

We’d like to help & support you with a safe return to the office

While you are thinking carefully about returning to the office and providing a safe working environment, make sure you take a look at the technology options available to help ensure your return is as safe, easy and effective as it can be.

With good preparation and the right tools and technology in place you can ensure a safe return to the office, respecting all of the social distancing rules. Get in touch if you would like to explore your desk and room booking options.

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