What is your return to the office starting to look like?

Return to the office and meeting rooms

Remote? Hybrid? Office-based?

Different approaches

Some of the big tech companies are starting to announce their plans and it’s not looking quite like the major shift to remote working that some were predicting might happen!

Spotify appear to have the most flexible approach saying that employees will be able to work full time from home, from the office or a mix of the two. Google are bringing forward their return to the office date with employees having to apply to work from home for more than 14 days. Microsoft envisages working from home less than 50% of the time and Amazon plan to return to being office-centric.

This vast range of approaches is exactly what we’ve been hearing from the companies we’ve been speaking to. Some are planning to continue remote working but most are planning flexible or hybrid working if not a full return to the office.

Read the full BBC News article here: Remote working: Is Big Tech going off work from home? – BBC News

Biggest test

It’s clear that right now we really don’t know what kind of models are going to work for our companies and corporate culture will definitely play a part in this.

The biggest test we face is when the office and meeting rooms start to open up.

How will the meeting dynamics work when they are held partially in person and partially on video? Do we have the right technology in place to best support this way of meeting? Will remote workers feel disadvantaged when it comes to relationship building? Will the career paths of remote workers be affected in any way?

Decisions based on data

The best advice we can give companies right now is to use the technology available to measure and monitor what your return to the office actually looks like. Make your decisions based on the data of who is in the office, when, when the busiest times are and what areas of the office are used most or are being underutilised.

Armed with this information you will be able to make informed decisions on remote/flexible working strategies, office space, meeting room requirements and technology needs.

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We’d like to help & support you

We’d like to help & support you with your return to the office. We’d be happy to show you the technology to measure and monitor your return to the office, taking the guess work out of the decision making process. Get in touch if you would like to find out more.

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