Our predictions for returning to the office

The future office

As we start planning to get back to the office AuDeo Sales Director, Greg Gibson provides us with a quick update on some of the key trends and predictions we are hearing for what the office will look like.

Greg Gibson, AuDeo Sales Director on Getting Back to the Office

What’s Your Strategy?

Everyone seems to be taking a slightly different approach to getting staff back to the office safely. One thing that most people agree on is that remote working is here to stay. Many are planning to have a hybrid workforce with a mix of home workers and office staff.

Our Predictions

Video Conferencing is still key. With most companies planning to have a hybrid mix of office and home based employees a lot of our meetings are likely to have at least one remote participant. Many organisations are looking at reducing their number of desks and increasing the number of meeting rooms as the office becomes more of a social and collaboration hub for meetings.

The key tends we are seeing right now: reducing desk space, increasing meeting spaces, increasing Video Conferencing equipment, reducing or re-purposing office space, desk & room booking, visitor management and monitoring office occupancy data.

Take Away the Guess Work

These are all predictions and educated guesses on how we think staff will behave and what we think they will want and need when they return to the office. Take away the guess work by gathering data on how staff are behaving and how the office space is actually being used. You can use this data to validate any decisions being made or make changes based on actual requirements.

Desk Booking

Desk booking systems will allow staff to book a desk from home on a specific date or time but will also allow you to track office occupancy rates. You can see and work out how many desks are being used, which days of the week are most popular, which spaces or floors are most popular and which teams are coming into the office more often.

Room Booking

Room booking systems will give you an insight into how your meeting rooms are being used. Which rooms are most popular and why. Are huddle rooms being booked more often? Are rooms with Video Conferencing being booked more often? This enables you to think about where best to make any changes or investments.

Visitor Management

Visitor management systems will allow you to track visitors and put in place provisions to ensure their safety.


With resource booking and visitor management technology from GoBright you can gather the data to answer these important questions allowing you to make effective and relevant changes to your office space and also maximise productivity and well being of staff.

The Future Office

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