Are your meeting rooms ready?

Meeting Rooms

Are your meeting rooms ready for returning to the office?

Whatever your return to the office looks like, we know that many of us will be continuing to work from home for at least some if not all of the time. This means more meetings and more video meetings to keep people connected. Having the right technology in place will be key to ensuring your plans for returning to the office run smoothly. Video and audio enabling your meeting rooms and perhaps re-purposing your rooms is going to be important for getting the most effective use out of your meeting spaces.

Adding video conferencing equipment

With more of us working from home the likelihood is that most, if not all of our meetings will have at least one remote participant. This in turn increases the demand for meeting rooms and spaces where teams can hold video meetings with their remote colleagues. In an ideal world all meeting rooms and spaces would be video enabled.

Teams & Zoom calls in your meeting rooms

There are various ways of connecting your meeting rooms systems to your Teams, Zoom or other chosen video platforms to make calls. Some better than others and some more expensive than others. The best option for you really does depend on your set up, your chosen platform/s, how you want to make and join calls and your available budget. We are here to offer expert advice and help you to choose the best solution for your requirements.

Re-purposing your meeting rooms

We know that the way we work has changed forever. The office is becoming a collaborative/social meeting hub for those all-important meetings and team collaboration sessions. Perhaps you need more collaborative spaces or maybe you need to turn your large boardroom into smaller meeting rooms to make more effective use of your office space.

What about the overall meeting experience?

Your meeting rooms may be great from the point of view of those sitting around the table but how does they look and sound to remote users? Is the audio clear enough for them to hear everyone around the room & can they see everyone clearly? Many of us have by now experienced the downside of being the remote participant who can’t follow your team mates in the office because your can’t hear or see them clearly. With many of us still working and joining meetings from home, make sure that you can give your remote workforce the best possible experience by having the right technology in place.

Successful meetings

Our focus is on your having successful meetings with successful outcomes.

If a good, all round meeting experience is important to you, then AuDeo can help. We have 20 years’ experience in designing technology into meeting spaces and our approach is appreciated by many customers. 

We listen first! Listen to your needs, your desires, must haves, your timescale & your potential budget. We will tailor our design to suit your requirements with the focus on delivering productive meetings for all of your employees with successful outcomes.

Get in touch to speak with us today.

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