Conflab Health from Flabba & StarLeaf

Conflab Health from Flabba and StarLeaf

Treat 30% more patients with Conflab Health from Flabba & StarLeaf

There’s no question that the demand for health services is increasing, putting more and more pressure on hospitals and GP surgeries. Finding resources to meet the growing demand is a major challenge and calls for dramatic changes in the provision of healthcare.

Intelligent video solutions are transforming patient care and providing much needed efficiency benefits for healthcare staff. Booking systems and workflow management are automated and patient information can be shared securely to maximise internal resources. Reporting tools and clinic management facilities keep track of which consultations are happening, with detailed activity reports. And it improves the experience for patients, who can get appointments more quickly and better schedule them into their day. Faster patient care, better use of resources.

Secure, reliable and easy-to-use

Flabba partnered with StarLeaf, delivers a virtual care ecosystem ideal for remote patient appointments, virtual multidisciplinary meetings, primary and secondary care, education and training, remote and home working, and more. Together, StarLeaf and Flabba provide a secure, reliable and easy-to-use virtual healthcare platform.

Offer more effective care

  • Save time, cut missed appointments, and reduce patient backlogs
  • Faster patient care, that maximises the use of internal resources
  • Increase virtual face-to-face interactions with a quicker and simpler appointment process that enables easy document sharing and discussions between patients and clinicians
  • Quickly triage patients using clear HD video that offers industry-leading reliability
  • Accelerate workflows with automated call transcription, reporting and sharing
  • Easily schedule and host large numbers of secure video consultations
  • Create custom domains, web pages and online forms that feel seamless and personal

Industry-leading video conferencing in your virtual patient ecosystem

Imagine being able to interact with patients over a video link to see and discuss symptoms, diagnose an issue and arrange treatment. From appointment to prescription in under 10 minutes. Sessions can be booked efficiently. Patients can schedule appointments in their diary without the need to leave their homes or office. Vulnerable customers have easy access to healthcare professionals. Hospitals and surgeries can get the most appropriate medical professional involved quickly and easily to deliver timely medical interventions.

Close the patient:doctor gap

Make it easier for patients to get the right medical advice as and when they need it. Intelligent video solutions offer higher availability of patient care. Clinical staff can interact fully with patients remotely – freeing up face-to-face appointments for cases which really need to contact.

Reduce the need for visits to surgeries, reduce the need for home visits – reduce the pressure on an already stretched, medical community. Doctors can securely search patient history and consult with colleagues when the need arises, optimising productivity and delivering timely medical interventions.

Triaged patient workflows can increase your productivity and improve processing of patient consultation by more than 30%. This means that you can see more patients and resolve issues faster and more effectively before symptoms worsen.

Is it time to look at a remote patient consultation solution?

For more information on how Flabba and Starleaf can upgrade your healthcare workflow, get in touch and book your demonstration here.

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