5 Reasons to deploy Video Conferencing Now

5 Reasons why NOW is the time to deploy Video Conferencing!

The need to meet whether in person, over video or on a conference call is increasing and so with it demand for good technology. But although Video Conferencing has been around for a number of decades, it really has never lived up to its promise of “easy to use” and “cost effective” until now. The perfect storm of technologies, design and cost means NOW is the time to deploy.

1) The Cloud – Every technology service in the world seems to be going “cloud” based. However, we have always had cloud services. Our telephone systems have always been cloud based both home phones and mobiles. Corporate phones are moving towards Cloud too. TV, movies & music is becoming more on demand, downloads and so Cloud based. Email and office type software applications with services such as Office365 are ALL cloud based and so it is no surprise that cloud Video Conferencing is rising fast. After all, why would you wish to run your own service and all the headaches that comes with it, when you can log in from anywhere in the world on almost any device and speak to your colleagues, customers, suppliers, friends or family – on demand!!!!

2) Bandwidth – The decision to adopt Cloud services is heavily driven by internet connectivity or bandwidth provision. Typically residential type, low-end ADSL lines just don’t cut it and give a really poor experience. However, greater bandwidths are available for sensible cost nowadays and if you have a leased line or cable provisioned, then the world is your oyster. I believe quite strongly that our Government’s investment in Internet Connectivity would reap far more rewards for the health and wealth of the country than building a fast train service such as HS2.

3) Network Design – The telephone service we have come to love has a simple design – dumb end-points with an intelligent cloud providing the various services required to operate effectively with all interoperability the responsibility of the provider of the service. The system has worked well for over 100 years and successful Cloud services operate almost the same way. With Video Conferencing, the most successful cloud services of the future will work in just this way.

4) Cost – It’s never been cheaper to deploy Video Conferencing. Some low end services are free whilst professional equipment starts in the low thousands of pounds and can even provide provision for all staff to be video enabled. Ongoing support costs are also lower with fees for connections being levied rather software support costs for intelligent end points that need looking after by IT people that cost more money.

5) Increasing cost of alternatives – The old way of doing Video Conferencing is appearing dated and expensive. On premise intelligence costs are high and owning your own infrastructure as well just ratchets it up further. You wouldn’t dream of owning your own satellite TV station to provide you TV services or your own mobile phone company to communicate with others, so why own your infrastructure to manage your video conferencing deployment? Cloud takes all of this burden away so you can concentrate on the most important element of video conferencing – MEETINGS & COMMUNICATIONS.

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