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Irrespective of size, sector or strategy, meetings at the heart of your organisation’s success or failure. Good communications are required to sell, to buy, to plan, to budget, to service, to target and to deliver.

It follows that every organisation therefore provides areas to enable communications to take place, be it personal, one to one, one to many or many to many. We may call them meeting rooms today, but that term is becoming blurred as modern organisations create “Meeting Spaces” for their staff and executives.

Take a look at our Guide to Modern Meeting Spaces.

why meetings?

Meetings are part of our normal lives. We share information, we debate it, we discuss it and we decide. There are always lots of points of view, perspectives & opinions that can be aired and shared. Meetings allow this blended dialogue to take place with an objective of achieving the best outcomes in the shortest of time – in other words efficiency & productivity.


What we do and where we do it may not matter in terms of activity, however, how you do it is governed by the number of participants. A one to one call can happen at the desk and can include just audio, or video too & even content, all of which can be done with a mobile phone and/or computer. Moving into a larger gathering creates a different challenge. Everyone needs to hear, see, get involved and contribute.

meeting spaces

We have always had meeting rooms and boardrooms. But meeting spaces are becoming smaller albeit increasing in quantity. In a recent research survey, it was stated that over 53% of meeting spaces are now Huddle Rooms or Small Rooms with an expected rise of 20% in this number over the next year with large rooms declining by 10%. These statistics clearly demonstrate that meetings are important to organisations and not just for the executive teams. Greater numbers of huddle spaces means a greater number of smaller, more informal meetings are taking place.

What about technology in your meetings?

Meeting room technology available today is generally easy to use, easy to implement, scalable and cost effective. The wide variety of devices cover all the activities in all the differing spaces matched for all the budgets and it just works.

This blog is not about what is available rather is a statement that it is available to aid every organisation to have more meetings, more successful meetings and greater productivity from their people, their real estate and their technology.

we’re all about meetings

AuDeo is a specialist reseller focused on delivering successful meeting outcomes by providing trusted advice, guidance and design of meeting room technology including Cloud Video Conferencing, Audio Visual equipment, CanvassWare, Meeting Room booking & Control and management reporting tools.

Contact AuDeo & meet us to discuss how we can assist and get the most successful outcomes from your meetings, whatever their size, wherever they take place and whatever you do in them.

Find out more about how to technology enable your meeting spaces. Take a look at our Guide to Modern Meeting Spaces, simply fill in your details below to access your copy.

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