4 Video Conferencing Myths

Are you looking to deploy video conferencing across your organization but keep hitting stumbling blocks when it comes to common misconceptions or just plain misinformation? In the last five years video conferencing and calling technology has changed almost beyond recognition, and in doing so has left behind so much of the baggage of its previous incarnations. Here we separate video fact from video fiction to bust some of the most common myths we’ve encountered.

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Video Conferencing – strategic or operationally efficient?

When building a business the executives and leaders need to focus on all areas of the business to ensure it is moving forward, growing and delivering a profitable return to its stakeholders. Whatever the business product or service, innovation, creativity, cost control and appropriate investment in growth is vital. Video Conferencing has quickly become an important part of business strategy as it allows fast, efficient communications to be made, better decisions and increased collaboration and teamwork. All of this brings improved profitability, higher competitiveness and greater employee stability.

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