Cloud Video Conferencing – Don’t believe it…

Cloud Video Conferencing – Don’t believe it… until you’ve seen it!

It’s the way nowadays to send videos or links to videos that show how wonderful a vendor’s product or solution is. In fact, with Video Conferencing, why wouldn’t you do it?

Of course, with a video I am able to show you that aliens exist, humans can fly, witchcraft and wizardry are real and Arnold Shwarzenegger always saves the world from disaster. But do you really believe it, I guess not.

If I was to show you a video of StarLeaf Cloud Video Conferencing, it would show that:

  • StarLeaf is the easiest to use
  • StarLeaf is the easiest to scale to the whole of your organisation
  • StarLeaf is the most cost effective Video Conferencing solution around today

In addition, I would demonstrate that StarLeaf interoperates with all standards based products and even Skype for Business. I would show you how the StarLeaf Cloud is the most robust, the most secure and how it was designed as a Cloud solution from the ground up and not just derived from the old legacy way of doing things. Then I would tell you how you can save money by not having your own Video Conferencing infrastructure for multiple party meetings, by having reduced IT management costs. I would also demonstrate how, by implementing StarLeaf throughout your business, your company culture would change to a video calling one which will deliver greater positive outcomes than ever before achieving improved employee happiness and job satisfaction with lower stress levels, lower attrition and HR costs thus greater profitability and competitiveness.

But would you believe it?

OR – AuDeo could come and demonstrate the StarLeaf solution to you, on your premises and show you in real life all of the above.

Seeing will be believing.

Don’t wait for another video, contact us now and we shall arrange a demonstration at your convenience.

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