Make your meetings more productive with Video Conferencing

Top 3 technologies to make your meetings more productive.

1 – Video Conferencing

Working from home or away from the office… you can still attend that all important supplier or board meeting with Video Conferencing.

Even if just one in three of your meetings can be done as a video conference call, you are still saving a third of the fuel and travel costs.

2 – Control Systems

How simple or not is it to use your meeting room technology?

How much of your technical resource is taken up supporting the people using your meeting rooms?

A simple touch screen control system can make your meeting room as easy as:

a – turn on the screen

b – make a video conference call

c –  share a presentation

3 – Wireless Presentation

How often have you gone to share a presentation only to be told “sorry, it’s in the wrong format”?

Today we want to be able to share content from whatever device we are using: pc, mac, laptop, android tablet, ipad…

Wireless presentation solutions make this simple, no messing around with cables and memory sticks, just simply share your content.


The appropriate use of technology is proven to ensure meetings work and produce results in a timely manner.

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