Meeting Room A/V

Meeting Room Audio Visual Solutions

AuDeo specialises in providing meeting room audio visual technology covering display screens, audio systems, video conferencing, presentation technology, room booking solutions and intuitive automation & control systems. The products that connect the real world to the technology.

With over 20 years’ experience of installing Audio Visual technology into client’s meeting rooms, AuDeo aims to provide you with the right tools to help make your meetings more productive, efficient and successful.

Presentation Rooms

Automation & Control



Solutions that just work!

We will provide you with a solution that is simple to use and just works so that you can have absolute confidence in your meeting room technology.

We know that first impressions count and that’s why we ensure your meeting room equipment will work perfectly every time!

A lot of thought and care goes into selecting the right products for you to ensure quality, reliability and ease of use.

  • Interactive Displays & Touch Screens
  • Projectors
  • Conferencing Furniture
  • Audio Systems
  • Acoustic Treatment
  • Presentation Technology
  • Wireless Presentation Solutions
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Room Booking Solutions
  • Automation & Control Systems
  • Management & Reporting Tools

Contact us to discuss your meeting room requirements. If you're experiencing issues with your current meeting room audio visual equipment, book a review with us. We'll arrange for one of our experienced team to undertake a thorough review and provide you with our recommendations.