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AuDeo specialises in providing highly productive meeting spaces. Whatever sizes of meeting space; personal, huddle, small or large, AuDeo has the equipment & tools to fully enable your meetings for successful outcomes.

Whether you require display screens, audio systems, Video Conferencing, presentation technology, room booking solutions or automation & control systems, we provide the products that connect the real world to the technology.

With over 20 years’ experience of installing Audio Visual technology into client’s meeting rooms, AuDeo aims to provide you with the right tools to help make your meetings more productive, efficient and successful.

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Discover Perfection

Personal Spaces

Be truly mobile! AuDeo’s solutions allow you to use your devices to meet, present, collaborate, call & chat from wherever you are.

Huddle Spaces

Small spaces for big results! We’re all about driving productivity in your Huddle Spaces. AuDeo provides you with everything you need to improve and enhance your huddle space experiences.

Small Meeting Rooms

Truly connected Meeting Rooms with Video Conferencing, presentation and collaboration tools. Everything you need for successful meetings.

Large Meeting Rooms

Not just a Boardroom, the sky is the limit! AuDeo provides truly reliable, multi-functional rooms with all the tools to WOW your audiences.

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Successful Meetings Start Here

Video Conferencing

Smooth, simple Video Conferencing that just works.

Audio Visual

The latest technology to delight all audiences.


Discover cutting edge presentation breakthroughs.


Get the most out of your ‘agile/scrum/team’ meetings.

Meeting Control

Simplify control over your rooms and equipment.

Scheduling & Reporting

Monitor your tech, schedule maintenance and more.

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