Easily and effectively extend the capabilities of Microsoft Teams to your meeting rooms, keeping your team video enabled wherever they are

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Using Microsoft Teams in your
meeting rooms
Using Microsoft Teams in your meeting rooms EXPLORE NOW
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Integrating Microsoft Teams into your meeting rooms
You may already be using Microsoft Teams to support your homeworkers with video or maybe you are just starting out on your journey with Microsoft Teams, but you now want to use Microsoft Teams in your meeting rooms. Our specialists are here to help guide you through everything you need to know. We know that there isn’t one answer that fits all, so we’ll listen to your needs and find the perfect solution for you.


There are lots of solutions available from a multitude of vendors that allow you to use Microsoft Teams in your meeting rooms. So, how do you choose what’s right for you and avoid any unforeseen costs? Don’t worry, AuDeo are here to help. We can guide you and make sure that you and your business make the right decision. The key to success is to keep things simple and video enable all of your meeting spaces.

We’ve got you covered!

These are some of the things we consider when helping you to choose the right solution for your business.

What if you’re invited to a non-Teams meeting?

Can you dictate the platform you meet on to your customers, partners, suppliers & investors?

Escalating costs?

How can you avoid additional equipment, ongoing licenses and fees that you hadn’t planned for?

Equipment longevity

PC based equipment could require more regular refreshing than appliances.

Size matters!

Choose a solution that’s right for your size of room.

How will you use your room?

Is your room a ‘Teams’ only room or will you need to use other apps and platforms?


We believe that security is a must when it comes to your business communications and we will always recommend a solution with security at it’s core.


Do you have the resources to provide support yourselves or would you prefer to have professional, dedicate support whenever you need it?

User Experience?

It goes without saying that you will want a solution that is simple and easy to use.


AuDeo will work with you to provide and install the appropriate products into your meeting rooms. By using quality products and best practices AuDeo aim to achieve a pleasant and productive meeting experience.
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