Why should you be moving to Cloud Video Conferencing?

Your business may be an experienced Video Conferencing user or maybe you are new to business grade Video Conferencing. Whatever you are, the decision to go Cloud is compelling. The benefits to your business are high and almost instant, the ability to change is equally quick and painless. Take up by your employees and colleagues will ensure that the decision to move will be one of the best you have made this year.


The three main reasons why people are moving to Cloud Video Conferencing are:


For many years, to sell technology, you would have to market it using jargon and specmanship (the PC industry has done this for years). Processor speed, memory size and power were all reasons to buy. It was obvious to us that the higher the number, the faster the speed and the bigger the memory, the better the performance. Video Conferencing was the same, relying on users wanting the most powerful machine with the most trinkets rather than focusing on the core function of just Video Conferencing. With Cloud, it all changes. Specs are no longer talked about. It is all about how easy it is to use. It’s a well-known parameter that the easier something is to use, the more likely it will get used and the more chances of it becoming a relied upon application and achieving ubiquity. The growth of the mobile “Smart Phone” is testament to this theory.


To achieve commodity status requires a commodity price followed by a volume demand. Video has never been in this desired place until now. With Cloud Video Conferencing its affordability means that almost all businesses can afford it at some level and can benefit from its use. Decisions are taking less time to make as they are regarded as “no brainers” by executives who can see, the almost immediate, return on investment achievable. For experienced Video Conferencing veterans, the NEW lower cost model is embraced and welcomed warmly allowing them to expand its use wider than ever before achieving great savings and massive productivity gains. But while costs have dramatically come down, beware of some of the hard to believe claims for very little cost – it still stands today that there is no such thing as a free lunch.


One very valid criticism of the Video Conferencing past was of its poor ability to scale and the cost of doing so when needed. It was often this obstacle and the large hike in investment needed that became an inhibitor to scaling, keeping Video Conferencing in the “niche” section of technology, many miles from the dizzy heights of “commodity”.

With all the major intelligence and complex technology sitting in the cloud providers’ datacenters, scaling is now not an issue. In fact, it is just as easy to shrink as well as grow thus making Cloud Video Conferencing a most flexible service for all flavors of business.

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