Noise cancelling speaks louder than words

StarLeaf desktop and mobile Video Conferencing

Easy ways of making Video from the desktop more tolerable. Video Conferencing has improved almost exponentially in the last few years mainly thanks to the proliferation of Cloud based solutions like StarLeaf.

Putting the intelligence in the Cloud and not the end-point has enabled vendors to offer superb devices that are easy to use, scale & purchase whilst motivating users to expand Video Conferencing usage to the desktop. If you have a camera and a microphone/speaker then it is easy, they would have us believe. However, the growth of desktop VC brings its own issues. I suppose it’s like having everyone speaking on hands-free all at the same time. It is difficult to focus, difficult to hear and difficult to be productive. So, what can you do about it?

So Video works, the problem is now just audio – the simple fact of having an appropriate device to hear with and be heard by. The use of headsets has now rocketed due to these issues and Sennheiser are one vendor with a superb range of devices that can meet even the most demanding environments.

Sennheiser headset products come in a variety of styles to suit the individual whether single sided, double sided on ear hook or neckband and can be wired or wireless (DECT & Bluetooth).

An essential feature is background noise reduction, which can be very distracting when having an audio or video conference from the desk. Some Sennheiser products have the Noiseguard™ technology seamlessly adjusting the level of noise reduction and adapting to your work environment. Who thought audio devices were so clever!

So don’t rule out audio and video communications from anywhere, as it is always possible with the right headset.

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