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Using technology to Create Productive Meeting Rooms

Our tips for using technology to improve productivity in your meeting spaces and creating productive meeting rooms.

Driving productivity & efficiency in your meeting rooms with tools & technology

Productivity is defined as the output per hour worked per person. It matters because it is the way nations grow and businesses grow, become richer and have rising living standards.

Productivity is a big topic for the UK at the moment. Our productivity performance has been below-par over the last decade and we are one of the least productive countries in Europe. We keep hearing on the news and from various business forums that we should be working on productivity levels.

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So, how can we be more productive in the workplace?

Embracing technology and providing a tech-enabled flexible work force improves workplace efficiency. Access to the right tools and technology provides a connected workforce, regardless of location.

The appropriate use of technology in meeting spaces is proven to ensure effective meetings that deliver results, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Focus on your activities

Most of the technology vendors in the industry seem to be focused on solutions for rooms and what you should be wanting to do in those rooms, rather than on the activities that you want to achieve as a business and where those activities are taking place.

No two companies are identical. Not all meetings are the same, take place in the same location or require the same set of technology.

It’s important to choose the right technology to meet your requirements by focussing on your activities, your meeting room pain and your desired outcomes.

How do you do your business? How do you work? How do you want to work?

It’s important to look at the activities that you want to achieve, the room size and location become almost irrelevant.

Provide the appropriate tools & technology for your requirements

You have tools to allow you to work at your desk, ie telephone, pc with screen and perhaps a touch screen. When circumstances dictate that you need to move away from your desk and go into a meeting space, whether that’s with a table and two chairs, or twelve chairs, or 100 chairs the activity doesn’t dramatically change. You are still doing your work, it’s just that your environment has changed.

The focus should be on providing tools to enable you to continue doing the same activities but in slightly different way, from a different location. From the software on your pc, to appliances in the meeting room selecting the right tools and technology allows you to work in a more productive and user-friendly way.

Tips for using technology to create productive meeting rooms

In conclusion, these are the things that we recommend you look at to ensure that you are providing the right tools and technology to drive productivity and efficient meetings within your business.

1 – Focus on your activities and what your employees want to achieve in your meeting spaces.

  • What activities need to take place in your meeting spaces?
  • What technologies could make these activities more productive?

2 – Review your existing equipment and any issues or meeting room pains that you currently have.

  • What meeting room spaces do you currently have?
  • How are those meeting room spaces used; what are they used for and how often?
  • What type of meetings do your employees have, how often do they have them and what do they need to achieve from the meetings?
  • What equipment do you currently have in those meeting room spaces?
  • Are there any issues with your existing equipment?
  • How old is the equipment? Is it supported?
  • Is the equipment easy to use or does it often require IT intervention/maintenance?

3 – Focus on the appropriate tools & technology for your requirements.

  • Don’t look at your meeting room technology in isolation, make sure it suits the type of activities that you need to do in your workspaces.

4 – Evaluate your options & decide what’s best for you.

  • Look for cost effective options, expensive isn’t always best and cheap often comes with limitations
  • Make sure that your chosen provider is able to give valid reasons for proposing a certain solution

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AuDeo provide you with the tools and technology to create productive meeting rooms. Our objective is to provide you with the ability to have successful and productive meetings. We have over 20 years’ experience designing, building, installing and supporting audio visual technology and video conferencing to improve our clients’ meeting room experiences.

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