StarLeaf triumphs in the case of Birkett Long’s new video conferencing solution

When Birkett Long recognised it was time to upgrade their existing video conferencing system, they chose to switch to StarLeaf.

“When AuDeo introduced us to StarLeaf we were really impressed… it was immediately clear that not only would StarLeaf’s system be cheaper to run, but it would also provide much improved functionality”, Trudy Hooper, Associate and IT & Business Operations Manager at Birkett Long.

About Birkett Long

Birkett Long is a UK-based legal practice with over 180 staff located across multiple offices, serving both private and business clients as well as offering independent financial advice and human resources services.

The Challenge

Birkett Long had an existing video conferencing system installed in its three offices, however, these systems were reaching the end of their usable life and it was very challenging to connect external participants to video conference calls. To set up a conference call with a third party, the IT team had to take into account the hardware and software being used by external participants to ensure a good working connection.

This was far from an optimal solution. Maintaining the on-premise infrastructure was a time-consuming and costly task for the IT team, particularly as the system grew older and became less reliable which was limiting the amount of time they were able to devote to other key IT issues. In addition, when communicating with court authorities over video conference, where clarity and reliability of service are of paramount importance, Birkett Long was forced to use a bridging company to connect its existing video conference system to external parties, a costly and inconvenient process.

Birkett Long also wanted to embrace a more flexible and agile approach to work, to enable its staff to work from home or any other location if they wanted to. The firm recognised that a more advanced video conferencing solution would enable its staff to connect more easily to the office, and thus encourage people to work from other locations or whilst travelling.

The Solution

Birkett Long engaged the services of Basingstoke-based video conferencing specialists AuDeo, to help the firm upgrade its technology and install a more user-friendly, flexible solution.

Trudy Hooper, Associate and IT & Business Operations Manager at Birkett Long, explained how the firm chose its video conference supplier: “When we recognised it was time to upgrade our video conferencing system, we approached AuDeo to help us find a suitable replacement. When AuDeo introduced us to StarLeaf, we were really impressed with how easy to use and intuitive the system is, and how flexible it would allow us to be with communicating with external users.”

“While our previous system was a significant financial burden to maintain, it was immediately clear that not only would StarLeaf’s system be cheaper to run, but it would also provide much improved functionality. Before rolling out StarLeaf’s solution across our business, we trialled it with a few of our lawyers and the marketing team. The feedback was unanimous: it was easy to use, and much more straightforward and flexible than the previous system.”

Bradley Davis, Account Manager at AuDeo, detailed the StarLeaf system that was installed: “We deployed StarLeaf’s GT Mini 3330 in Birkett Long’s four meeting rooms to enable seamless video calling with external participants, regardless of the system they were using. We also provided Birkett Long with the StarLeaf app on iPads for the staff, so that they could communicate while travelling, even joining video conference calls from the train, and on desktop PCs so that staff can communicate quickly and seamlessly with colleagues based in other offices.”

The Results

Trudy explained: “StarLeaf’s meeting room solutions have been critical in improving our ability to hold high quality video conference calls with external partners. It is crucial for our solicitors to be able to communicate effectively during mediations or with the courts and the last thing our staff want is for the video conference system to stop them doing their work. StarLeaf’s solution enables us to connect with anyone through StarLeaf’s video conferencing cloud and hold a conference call. We no longer have the inconvenience and cost of using a bridging company and our lawyers and IT team can relax in the knowledge that the system will work when they need it to.”

“The flexibility that StarLeaf’s system has brought to our way of working has also been a real benefit. When joining a video conference using the StarLeaf system, our staff really feel like they are in the room, such is the quality of the video and audio feeds, and this is encouraging them to work from home more often. Transitioning to this more digital way of working is really exciting for us, and is being enabled by StarLeaf’s video conferencing solution,” Trudy concluded.

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