StarLeaf & AuDeo – A Video Conferencing Revolution

In April 2014 AuDeo signed a Reseller Agreement to promote and sell the Starleaf Cloud Video Conferencing solutions.  Very quickly it became clear that the StarLeaf offering was a REVOLUTION in terms of usability, convenience and cost.

Video Conferencing (VC) has evolved over the last 10 years.  Moving from standard definition video to High Definition (HD) and from expensive and cumbersome equipment to more friendly and affordable.  This has allowed VC to move down the market towards SMB.

Most recently CLOUD Service providers have been offering a new way of working with easy payment plans for multi-way VC meetings, but still this is an evolution.. Then came STARLEAF, a British Start Up and with a highly experienced VC savvy team behind it; a market winning strategy has been embarked upon.

StarLeaf is wholly CLOUD, not partial and not hybrid.  End user devices work in the cloud, are configured by the cloud, upgraded by the cloud, scheduled in the cloud and communicate via the cloud.  Everything is easy to use, easy to set up and highly affordable.  Any company from SMB to Global Multinationals can benefit from StarLeaf Video Conferencing solutions and AuDeo will make the deployment easy to implement and get up and running, removing all the fears of traditional VC.

  • Difficult to use – NO LONGER
  • Too expensive – NO LONGER
  • High risk expansion – NO LONGER

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