StarLeaf Cloud Video Conferencing Frequently Asked Questions

StarLeaf Meeting Room Audio Visual Video Conferencing Solution

Some of the common questions we are asked about StarLeaf Cloud Video Conferencing.

I often believe what you are not told is more important than what you are told. So yes, maybe StarLeaf Cloud Video Conferencing is easy to use, highly scalable and cost effective, but what about other issues?

IS IT SECURE? Yes, just like your online banking application, StarLeaf, like most Cloud services uses encrypted connections between devices and the StarLeaf servers. The whole calling transaction is thus carried out within encrypted ‘tunnels’, not just the media, but the call set-up details too, making it much more secure than ‘legacy’ video systems that, if enabled, only encrypt the media segment of a video call.

CAN I USE EXISTING SYSTEMS? Not only can you make calls between the StarLeaf Cloud to and from existing systems but you can have your existing equipment become part of the safe and secure StarLeaf Cloud. They will also benefit from central directory services as well as adding additional interoperability such as ability to call and receive calls from federated Skype for Business users including content sharing in both directions.

CAN I SHARE DATA? StarLeaf’s service allows your computer screen to be shared with other meeting participants and vice versa.

CAN I USE IT WITH SKYPE FOR BUSINESS? StarLeaf Cloud devices and conference services all enjoy the ability to have calls with Skype for Business users, provided those users have appropriate federation settings to allow calling beyond their own organisation. With open federation set, it will work but you may need adding to some organisation ‘white lists’ and you would need this even if your organisation also use Skype for Business – it’s part of the set-up.

CAN I RECORD MEETINGS? StarLeaf has an additional paid-for recording service allowing meetings to be recorded and played back at leisure. This simple to use no frills solution is delivered in chunks of hours of recording time required allowing a flexible approach to this facility.

CAN I CALL USING MY MOBILE DEVICES? StarLeaf’s software application, BREEZE, is available as a tablet, computer (PC & MAC) or mobile app, so you can video meet from anything and anywhere.

CAN MY MEETINGS INCLUDE PHONE ONLY? Yes, all meeting invites sent to participants include how to connect via devices including phones or mobiles.

HOW MANY PARTICIPANTS CAN BE ON A MULTIPARTY MEETING? StarLeaf provides an “on the fly” QuickMeet Conferencing facility allowing 5 parties to be in a meeting. A standard scheduled meeting can have up to 25 participants present with additional quantities available as a further subscription.

StarLeaf Cloud Video Conferencing offers everything you should expect from a cloud provider and much more…

  • High-definition
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to manage
  • Secure
  • Global coverage
  • Quality of performance
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Support

Find out more about StarLeaf Cloud Video Conferencing, contact us or book a demonstration to experience StarLeaf for yourself.