StarLeaf integrate with Microsoft Lync

Yet another exciting new development from StarLeaf – the StarLeaf GTm 5220, a fully featured video conferencing meeting room system that registers natively with Microsoft Lync.

StarLeaf, video conferencing and calling service provider and endpoint manufacturer, have announced the StarLeaf GTm 5220, a new meeting room system that registers directly with the Microsoft Lync Server or Microsoft Lync for Office 365 to deliver businesses with a fully featured, integrated and cost-effective video conferencing endpoint for all sizes of meeting room.

The GTm is the first product from StarLeaf that is designed to slip unobtrusively into the Microsoft Lync environment, to create one cohesive and integrated UC solution that natively connects desktops to meeting rooms.

A lot of companies we speak to are rolling out or thinking about rolling out Microsoft Lync, so we frequently come across the scenario “we need to integrate our Video Conferencing room system with Lync”.  We ourselves have just started using Lync, so this announcement from StarLeaf is a very welcome one.

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