Technology enable your meeting spaces

Technology enable your meeting spaces

Technology enable your meeting spaces and create productive working environments because meetings are important.

technology for modern day meetings

Businesses and organisations rely on good communications to exist. The people within the company need to be able to communicate well with each other, their management as well as outside parties. Be it verbal or visual, local or remote, businesses are needing to implement technology in their workspaces to enable fast, efficient & productive communications. From huddle spaces to boardrooms the activities remain vastly similar; it is the challenge of space, size and quantity of participants that decide the technology options for each activity required.

AuDeo don’t try to change the way you work, we embrace it and enhance it to ensure an improved outcome, in a timely fashion, is the end product of ALL your meetings.

Take a look at our Guide to Modern Meeting Spaces

How to Technology Enable your Meeting Spaces

what’s the meeting agenda?

All meetings have a pathway, an agenda, a flow. Sometimes it is written, other times it is verbally communicated. The agenda will include media perhaps! Documents, presentations, spreadsheets, pictures or even videos are required in today’s rich media meeting experience and there is a wonderful selection of technology to help you share it.

Display it – TV display or projector? Static or interactive?

Source – PC, Network, Laptop, USB or Internet. Technology will allow all of these paths to enter your meeting. So, consider wired & wireless presentation devices.

who is your meeting audience?

Of course, you have already used a technology tool to get people to the meeting in the first place. Scheduling application, telephone or email invite. But what about remote participants. Either wait for when they can travel to you is one solution but Video Conferencing is the de facto technology used for bringing in remote participants into a meeting be it small or large.

Care needs to be taken on this technology as there is a lot of choice and a lot of marketing seduction taking place. The following list will help “weed out” the bad choices.

Ease of use – a much-overused phrase today but one still very relevant. Every vendor will say it is easy to use, so find out for yourself. Try it, trial it and test it.

Easy to scale – If it works well in your organization, you will want to expand it. Make sure this is easily done, cost-effectively and the chosen vendor has a range of products to suit scalability such as Apps for mobile as well as equipment for multiple meeting room spaces and conferencing packages for larger meetings.

Cost Effective – Today’s Cloud vendors are so much more cost effective than yesteryear’s on-premise providers. Cloud is far lower cost as the technology is robust and backed up as well as the cost is spread amongst its many users. Your own “private” cloud will keep taking your money to keep it up to date and working.

Reliable – Difficult to test in a short period of time, but possible to judge. What’s the committed SLA from your provider. You will find some providers have NO SLA and very few can offer a 99.999% service representing less than 5 minutes downtime per annum reliability.

Secure – Data breach is becoming widespread and has long-lasting damaging effects. As with reliability it is difficult to test, but possible to judge. ISO27001 is a security framework management standard focusing on confidentiality, integrity, and availability to the data in your environment. If your provider is not ISO27001 Certified, then your data is in greater danger than from those who are.

sharing your ideas in your meeting?

Then collaboration is for you!

There is an increasing number of technology collaboration tools to help meeting participants work together, creatively to achieve the best outcomes.

Interactive Screen – Consider upgrading your display to a Touchscreen. We are all used to using interactive tablets – a large screen version is no different – even the kids can use it!

CanvassWare – Forget about those paper post-it notes and multiple whiteboards, today’s Canvass Software systems allow every space to be a project and collaboration space.

Link with Wireless connected laptops for improved experiences and bring in remote participants via your chosen Video Conferencing vendor.

want to have control?

Implementing a Meeting Control system will speed up switching the different elements of the meeting and make it easy to set up and set down. Match the talent to the task and choose an appropriate device. A simple push-button system may suffice or consider a more sophisticated solution with customized & programmed touch panel.

where can you meet?

A personal one-to-one meet up is usually easy to plan and set up. But if a dedicated space is required then consider a Room Booking system. These can be as simple as the AuDeo FAVEO package or maybe a Booking Panel for each room linked to your Scheduling Package would be more appropriate.

Make your spaces easy to find, easy to book, easy to grab and easy to release.

measure the success of your meetings & your technology

Reporting on room or space utilization will help you make decisions in the future as to what spaces are in demand, what technology is preferred and what productivity you’re getting from your investment.

The AuDeo FAVEO package can do this providing you the tools you need to get return on your investment, high productivity AND the right outcomes from your meetings.

about audeo

For 20 years AuDeo has been specifying, designing & building technology into meeting spaces. We’re all about meetings and totally care that our recommendations and designs deliver you the best outcomes possible.

We want to be your long-term partner and not a one-night stand, so we focus on doing the right thing, first time. This benefits you, your people and our business relationship too.

Find out more about how to technology enable your meeting spaces. Take a look at our Guide to Modern Meeting Spaces, simply fill in your details below to access your copy.

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