Technology for millennials (our future workforce) – are you ready?

StarLeaf messaging team meeting

Are you able to provide technology for millennials – attracting and retaining the best staff? By 2020, millennials will form 50% of the global workforce – are you ready?

In my office, there is a £1 fine for corporate speaking, so I shall be very careful in my choice of sound-bites, but it is true to say that if you fail to prepare then you will need to prepare to fail. (£1).

It is also true that as the years go by, the workforce is changing, so much so that by 2020, 50% of the global workforce is likely to be millennials, those born just before 2000, with very dexterous thumbs and a total comfort with technology. So, it goes without saying that any company wishing to compete for the best people over the next decade will need to provide appropriate technology devices to attract them.

A Cloud revolution is already taking place in the world, whether business or home. Almost all data and media is available as a cloud service. The on premise safe-haven has been usurped by the ‘Something’ as a Service. Movies, TV, Music, Phones, Office S/W, Mail, Data Storage, Banking & Shopping to name but a few are all cloud accessed products or services. Some have been around for a long time, but others are recent converts.

Most recently, Video Conferencing has joined the Cloud party and businesses have realised that a cloud Video Conferencing service can be easier to use, easier to scale and has a lower cost of ownership.

The workforce of the future is growing up with these cloud services and the executives, shareholders and managers of companies have a responsibility to provide their future workforce with the most appropriate tools and working environment to allow success to breed.

From a standing start in 2015, 4% of Enterprise organisations are running entirely in the cloud in 2017, with this number expected to soar to 64% by 2026 (Source: Trends in Cloud IT). Mid-market companies and SMB have a similar trend although they have started much earlier – most start-ups, of course, are likely to set up ONLY in the cloud, bypassing on premise altogether.

It is pretty much inevitable that very soon a “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-internet” policy is today!!!

AuDeo is doing its part – as a focussed Cloud Video Conferencing reseller, AuDeo is helping businesses prepare for the future and helping improve communications, productivity and cost reduction in a highly competitive world. If you already Video Conference, are just thinking about it or have never considered it, call AuDeo now for a demo and see how we Video Meet with the help of the Cloud.