The Business Case for Video Conferencing

Discover the Benefits of Video Conferencing.

Video Conferencing is now more than ever a very compelling, easy to use and intuitive technology.  The Business Case for Video Conferencing is a strong one.  There are many reasons to deploy Video Conferencing.

Improved productivity

The words on everyone’s lips right now is productivity. Your employees have more productive time, so can do more business.  Key people and key information become more accessible, enabling best use of resources.

Better collaboration

Your people can meet more often and share knowledge easily, improving internal communications and facilitating collaborative working environments. Dare I say it, TEAM performance improves!

Increased competitive advantage

No matter what business you are in, the success of it is driven largely by the quality and speed of your decision-making.  Video Conferencing enables faster decision-making, greater consensus and quicker action.  New products can be brought to market quicker.  Crisis management becomes faster and more effective.

Meeting the needs of the emerging workforce

The next generation of workers are technically savvy, they expect the best communication technology as a matter of course. Most of this new generation already use video on a daily basis outside of the workplace.

Improved relationships

We know there is nothing like meeting face to face on those really important occasions.  Video is a good alternative between meetings, much better than building relationships over the phone or on email.  It is as close to face to face as you can get without the cost of actually being there.

Cost savings

While meeting on Video you are not spending so much money on travel, accommodation and entertainment costs.

Reduced carbon footprint

Looking at travel reduction is a vital part of an organisation’s environmentally responsibility.  Video Conferencing reduces the need for travel, therefore reducing your CO2 emissions whilst also improving profitability.

Improved work-life balance

With Video Conferencing your people will be less stressed, spend more time contributing to the success of the business and less time twiddling their thumbs in airports, train stations and traffic jams.  From their perspective the work/life balance is more in equilibrium.

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