The cost of meeting rooms and how to make them more productive

What's so different about StarLeaf Video Conferencing

Typical meeting rooms in London can cost many thousands per month, so meetings in these rooms need to be on time, productive and achieve the right outcomes. The use of essential technology can be key.

The average cost of a meeting room in London is between £25-32k a year. And that’s just for one room!

So, at this level of expense, it is essential that organisations achieve levels of productivity that can justify the cost. If we are happy to pay a lot of money just to have a meeting room, then these rooms must be important, in fact key to the successful operation of businesses and organisations.  It goes without saying that you would want as many successful meetings as possible to get value for money.

The use of essential technology is paramount in ensuring that you get the best out of your meeting room spaces. There is extensive demand for presentation facilities using all of the varied portfolio of devices from both employees and guests. Wireless is in demand too!

Video Conferencing has become easier and cheaper over the last ten years and as the cost of setting up Video Conferencing in a meeting room is now about £10k, then, for less than half the annual cost of a meeting room, you can fit your room with new Cloud based Video Conferencing solutions such as StarLeaf. That meeting room then becomes better utilised, by more people and a far more productive space.

With the additional technology comes the task of control and management. Simple control solutions such as push buttons or small touch panels are also very cost effective helping you set up your room as seamless as possible and, equally important, return your room to normal after use. These simple, yet critical actions, will guarantee your room will be in demand.

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