The top 5 reasons companies are changing their Video Conferencing

Many Video Conferencing systems have come and gone over the last couple of decades. In fact, many remain in use today despite being some 10 years old or even more. So why are businesses NOW deciding to change their video conferencing solution?

The top 5 main reasons are:


Yes, you guessed it, price always remains an issue. Video Conferencing hasn’t been cheap over the years so it makes sense to sweat those assets for as long as possible. This can often mean having inferior equipment compared to the technology available at the time, but often the opinion has been….. “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! However, today’s Cloud Video Conferencing packages make it almost a no-brainer to switch, change or upgrade.


no matter how much we like our legacy systems, scaling up to allow home working employees or mobile workers to Video Conference has been a difficult and expensive prospect and few companies other than larger enterprises have entertained it. Cloud VC is highly scalable and for little incremental cost.

Cloud migration

Almost all IT products and services can be cloud based. It is efficient, cost effective and easier to manage and Video Conferencing is no exception. Cloud VC providers like StarLeaf from AuDeo make it very easy to migrate and it even provides a better experience for less cost.


Companies grow and costs need to be controlled. Video meetings allows users to reduce costs by travelling less and meeting more thus making quicker, better decisions that creates competitiveness and ultimately more profit.

Ease of use

The No.1 reason why people are changing their Video Conferencing is EASE OF USE. This makes all of the above worth doing. Mobile phone growth and usage happened exponentially thanks to ease of use and Video is no exception. AuDeo’s chosen VC vendor StarLeaf has, by far, the easiest solution to use and, when deployed into any end user, is easily scalable, drives adoption, is cloud based and low in cost. No wonder a new revolution is taking place.

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