Why are huddle rooms the way to go and what’s in a Video Conferencing Huddle room?

Small Huddle Rooms

Huddle rooms are a term we’d rarely heard of until a couple of years ago and they’re increasing in popularity as businesses continually strive to use their time and work space more efficiently.  There are expected to be nearly 50 million technology enabled huddle rooms/spaces globally by 2050.

So why are huddle rooms the way to go?

Quite often the boardroom will be in use just when you need to have a quick, ad hoc but very important meeting.  Huddle rooms or small meeting rooms are great spaces for impromptu meetings and are designed for getting work done. With the use of technology and Video Conferencing in huddle rooms, those all important meetings can go ahead involving all the people you need.

The ease of use, relatively low cost, and ability to drive more focused work, are all reasons why huddle rooms are the future of collaboration.

& What’s in a Video Conferencing huddle room?

This obviously depends greatly on your needs but in general these are the common elements of a huddle room:

  • A small space or meeting room (typically 6 or less people)
  • A table or central workspace with chairs
  • Some type of display, usually an LCD or Led monitor or television (often wall mounted to maximise space)
  • A camera and microphone or some Video Conferencing equipment that allows for communication with people outside the room/company

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