Video Conferencing of the past…… the technology was unconvincing, it was difficult to use, extensive training needed to be given and although there was an obvious need to reduce travel costs and increase productivity Video Conferencing did not represent the best decision you could make… far. We have come such a long way in a relatively short space of time.  Now, the technology works, it is very easy to use (as easy as a mobile phone) and it’s cost effective.

So let us try and dispel some of the Video Conferencing myths…

It’s expensive!

Compared to what? Recent surveys suggest UK companies spend over £510k per annum on travel. It is calculated that a 6 person meeting costs UK companies £394.80, once salary, cost of travel and time out of the office is taken into account. A StarLeaf Video Conferencing meeting from AuDeo could cost just £31.92 with no downtime from travelling.

We have no demand for it!

That’s what we said about mobile phones in the early 80s and now there are more mobile phones than people……..Video Conferencing, when implemented correctly becomes a very demanded technology, especially personal. Satisfy the Ease of Use demand and people will return to use it time and time again.

It’s not as good as a ‘face to face’ meeting

That’s right it isn’t. But when you can’t meet quickly enough or cheaply enough we immediately turn to the phone. This is already starting to be said for Video Conferencing. From a technology and cost perspective, there is no reason why Video Conferencing cannot satisfy more than half of the face to face meetings we have today.

We’ve tried it before – it doesn’t work

That used to be right – it isn’t anymore. This compelling technology works really well, just like your mobile phone in fact. So it is now easy to use, easy to deploy, low cost and very scalable. So all employees can use it.

I will need lots of infrastructure to support it

Again, not anymore. This technology, like many other services we have today, is cloud based. No more servers, IT support contracts, upgrades, large internet bandwidth demands and high costs of support. It is all in the cloud where everything is looked after and shared amongst ALL users of the technology. Just like your phones, your satellite TV, your movies and your music.

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