Video Conferencing on the Desktop drives adoption!

Video Conferencing on the desktop drives adoption

Using Video Conferencing on the desktop really does improve the usage in your meeting rooms and increase the demand for systems in your smaller meeting rooms.

Okay, I hear you say, another tactic to get me to look at putting Video Conferencing into the business……well, YES, that is the intention because it actually works really well nowadays and any business needing to save costs, increase productivity & competitiveness and improve employees work lives must NOW be looking at today’s options AND if you already have VC, then you must be looking at how it is set up, charged and managed, because today’s modern technology Just Works!!!!

Over the last 20 years the technology has been difficult to use, expensive to buy, very expensive to scale and incredibly troublesome in terms of reliability and in driving adoption & usage by employees. Because of this, Vendors have sold their systems on the technical specification of devices, the trinkets (usually vendor specific features that add little to the experience) and the high cost of the alternatives i.e. going to meet someone.

This has now all changed!

The leading & modern vendors sell on Ease of Use and the all the other benefits just fall into place. Never before has Video Conferencing on the desktop been so accessible, easy to use and convenient. Skype for Business is contributing much to the increased “desktop” demand, although in my own personal opinion it is not that easy to use NOR is it an efficient use of technical resources such as computer hardware or bandwidth.

Cloud vendors are very well positioned for the Video Conferencing on the Desktop revolution that is taking place. Cloud VC is incredibly easy to use, highly efficient (as it shares the facilities amongst many users), more scalable than traditional legacy deployments and sometimes most important to customers – very cost effective. The ease of use element via a desktop application or browser connection is making the usage graph soar up to the right and allows users to be “comfortable” with operating apps, devices and clients so much so that the demand for Meeting Room based solutions is also on the up.

Good Cloud based Meeting Room solutions have the same user interface as their Desktop counterparts so desk users now feel comfortable in walking into a meeting room to use it. Previously, the Meeting Room solution might only be used monthly and learning to drive it was more painful than actually going to visit the person you’re trying to contact  or having a phone call.

But increasing demand for Meeting Room solutions does not extend to the Boardroom, which is where, traditionally, VC systems were installed – most likely cost driven rather than usage. There is an increasing trend for highly functional, smaller meeting rooms with VC, wireless presentation ability and good quality AV. Many businesses are realising the benefits from investing in modern Cloud Video Conferencing which is contributing to getting ahead and staying ahead of their competitors who are either stuck in the legacy trap or not even invested at all. It is no coincidence that those businesses who are investing in Cloud VC are becoming more successful and profitable than those who aren’t.

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