What Cloud Video Conferencing Delivers

How Cloud Video Conferencing can improve your business – we take a quick look at the advancements in Video Conferencing technology, the evolution of Cloud Video Conferencing and the benefits of moving to the Cloud.


Almost since the beginning of Television itself, Video Conferencing has been the ultimate communications nirvana. The ability to talk & see someone distant to yourself, just like meeting them in person, is compelling and finally today’s technology is delivering on this hope.

The evolution of Video Conferencing since it’s invention has been slow. The problem has been volume of data required and the flawed design of Video Conferencing from its outset. Audio AND full motion video take up a large amount of data and moving that data, REAL TIME, has been a stretch not only for the software designers, but also for the transport it travels upon. At first this was ISDN, digital telephone lines, a pay as you go service with inherent reliability and cost issues. Then came IP connectivity via the emerging Internet. It too had its issues, bandwidth and traffic as well as cost. But endurance and perseverance paid off. Internet connectivity is easy nowadays and in abundance so is relatively low cost. Software design has improved and Moore’s Law has helped create fantastically powerful hardware at a fraction of the cost of its predecessors of recent years. The peer to peer design of Video Conferencing systems was also a bottleneck to growth. Every system was required to be forward and backwardly compatible with old and new systems alike. The industry continued to offer expensive, difficult to use and difficult to manage systems that required a great deal of user involvement in running and updating this Video Conferencing fleet. A change to a more Client/Server relationship and design, has made cost effective, Cloud based services a reality rather than a dream of the future.


All the above advancements have allowed Video Conferencing to flourish and grow. In fact, it is almost ubiquitous with most people who own a phone, tablet or computer admitting having had at least one video call in recent months – it’s clearly time to move this exciting technology to the Cloud.

Almost all successful media technologies are or have already moved to the Cloud. The idea of having sophisticated technology, centrally located and delivering highly desirable services on a demand basis is not new. The plain old telephone system has been doing this from its inception. Other media has followed. Terrestrial TV, Satellite TV, Music, Movies & Films and Gaming have all followed suit providing rich media over the air or via Internet received on a simple to use app or appliance paid for via a subscription based model. Video Conferencing is now available on the same basis. So, the era of Cloud Based Video Conferencing has begun, but like many service of this kind, some are good, some not so. Some are free, some are not. The winners and losers are emerging and there is one main reason why a winner will emerge and it is not cost, sophistication or brand. It is and always will be EASE-OF-USE that separates the men from the boys in the all-new Cloud Video Conferencing world!


Every cloud service worth their salt will sell you all of the usual benefits; it’s easy to use, it’s cost effective, it’s scalable but how can it actually improve your business? Well, by easy to use we mean an app on your phone or pc, intuitive screens and functions that we are all used to having on our mobile phones. If it’s that easy then people will use it and use it more often, which means some serious savings on meeting costs for your business and a very quick return on investment. Communication, involvement and collaboration between teams and employees goes through the roof; quicker more informed decisions and faster reaction times for your business.  Everything is taken care of in the Cloud, so your IT team don’t need to spend their precious time updating software versions and keeping things running!  It is also scalable both up and down incrementally.  If your business is expanding it is very easy to add additional Cloud Video Conferencing services as and when you need them. Equally the reverse is also true, if you’re closing an office down it is just as easy to scale the services down to suit your business.

Even if you are already using some older Video Conferencing systems, you don’t have to completely write these off.  You can use them in the Cloud, connecting everything together and bringing the same easy to use features and functionality to your existing equipment.  You can actually extend the life of your existing systems and get even more value from them.

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