Why work with us?

We're all about meetings

AuDeo has spent the last 21 years designing, building, installing & supporting meeting room Audio Visual technology and Video Conferencing. It’s at the heart of what we do and we totally understand the need for highly productive meetings with successful outcomes.

Driving productivity in your meeting workspaces

If we can improve productivity in the meeting room, we can positively affect our customers’ performance. We provide you with the tools and technology to drive productivity in your meeting workspaces. Our objective is to provide you with the ability to have successful and productive meetings.

We focus on your activities, not just the products

We understand that no two companies are the same. Not all meetings are the same, take place in the same location or require the same set of technology. AuDeo is focussed on your activities, not necessarily on just your meeting rooms. We take the time to understand your business and your desired outcomes. Whatever you do and wherever you do it, AuDeo provides a set of tools to help.

AuDeo represents value for money

We provide high quality advice, products, designs and services that deliver excellent value for money. We choose our products carefully to ensure quality, reliability and ease of connection and use. AuDeo will recommend the appropriate Audio Visual products for your work activities in the appropriate workspace.

We know video conferencing

AuDeo has been involved with Video Conferencing technology since 1997. StarLeaf, our Cloud Video Conferencing Vendor, partner with us because they believe we are a first class deliverer of this technology. AuDeo’s top European Reseller Award, 3 years in a row, supports this belief and provides the confidence you need when choosing a company to put your video conferencing service with.

Partnerships are valuable to AuDeo

We want to work with the best vendors and for the best customers. These partnerships are truly important to us. The people that work for AuDeo are the most important. Looking after our people guarantees our customers and vendors are also looked after.

Technical competence

AuDeo does all the important stuff without contracting. Design, documentation, installation, support and even programming. Our solutions are fully joined up and you may even speak to a person involved with your project when calling our support line, as we feel it is important to provide our engineers a breadth of experience that helps them deliver a first class service.

Honest & reliable

We are a business and yes we wish to be profitable, but that’s just part of the story. We have integrity and also wish to delight our customers. You will find all the people in AuDeo honest and hard working and will always provide you with their best advice, every time.

Our history

2019 sees AuDeo reach 21 years in this industry and over the years we have striven for success. AuDeo has won various awards over the years both Business and industry relevant. In 2014 AuDeo changed direction to concentrate on delivering Cloud Video Conferencing and meeting room Audio Visual Technology to its customers. This strategy continues to deliver improved productivity in our clients’ meeting workspaces.

We are excited and looking forward to the next 20 years and fully believe they will bring even further growth and success delivering productivity gains to more and more delighted customers.