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Welcome to Audeo


We provide you with the tools and technology to drive productivity in your meeting workspaces.

We believe in working with you to understand your needs and provide you with the right technology to meet your requirements. We focus on your activities, your meeting room pain and your desired outcomes.

We keep things simple and choose your products carefully to ensure quality, reliability, and ease of use.

Our driving objective is to provide you with the ability to have successful and productive meetings.

AuDeo has over 20 years’ experience designing, building, installing and supporting audio visual technology and video conferencing to improve clients meeting room experiences.

Services & support

We understand that there is far more to a successful Audio Visual or Video Conferencing project than just the supply of equipment alone. We offer a wide range of services and support designed to help you get the most out of your meeting room solution.


Expert knowledge, product selection and room design from our experienced consultants to bring out the best in your meeting rooms


Quality training and user empowerment delivered by our experienced team, giving you the confidence to use your meeting room technology to the full


Fully qualified and experienced engineers ensure that your meeting room solution is installed to a very high standard and works effectively


Business class conferencing services that complement your meeting room technology and provide you with a superior user experience


Quickly and easily access expert help, advice and support. Whatever your budget or requirement there is a level of support available to you


AuDeo’s enhanced meeting room support. Proactive monitoring, reporting and management of your equipment with meeting room booking facility

Conference calls made

Hours in video conferencing calls

Miles of travel saved