Creating availability with smart meeting room management solutions

We'll help you to use your meeting rooms in a smarter and more efficient way with user-friendly, cloud-based platforms for room management.

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Check the availability of all rooms and book them within seconds.


Easily find and book a room with the capacity to fit all your attendees and all the equipment you need.


Maximise your room usage by avoiding double bookings and unnecessary empty meeting rooms.

Managing your meeting rooms

Our meeting room booking solutions allow you to do so much more than just book a room. We provide you with the data and knowledge to manage your meeting spaces efficiently. Understanding how and when your meeting spaces are being used, which rooms are most popular and even those that are being under utilised provides great insight for future technology and meeting room investment.

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The AuDeo difference

We’ll work with you to provide and install the appropriate products into your meeting rooms. We’ll spend the time upfront to deliver a seamless integration with your calendaring system and our engineers will ensure that your equipment is professionally installed with minimal disruption.

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