Welcome to our Experience Centre

Our new meeting space captures the best ways to meet.

“We wanted to create a unique space that goes beyond the technology and products to bring you a true meeting experience. Somewhere you can discover not only the technology and the products, but the choices and the inspirations that combine to make the whole meeting experience in a real-life setting.”

AuDeo – inspiring meeting spaces for more than 20 years

AuDeo Experience Centre Meeting Rooms

Cutting-edge technology

The AuDeo Experience Centre is ever evolving with the newest technologies transcending our industry.

People in a Meeting

Resource Management

Discover Resource Management Services such as Room Booking, Desk Booking and Visitor Management Systems

Video & Audio

Explore & compare an array of Video Conferencing Hardware covering Video Bars, Cameras, a variety of Microphones and a plethora of personal video & audio peripherals

Digital Signage

Experience the latest Digital Signage applications for easy to manage and successful digital signage deployments

Everything you need to improve and enhance your meeting experience

We take the products and the technology, put them all together and make it work in your meeting environment. Discover how you can benefit from the WHOLE meeting experience with AuDeo!

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Meetings are not just technology, they are experiences

Successful meetings take place when people are comfortable, at ease, fully engaged and able to communicate & collaborate. Explore our Experience Centre to discover the technologies that help to create successful meeting experiences.

Team Using AuDeo Experience Centre for Collaboration